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Android App Security Testing

Secure your Android app with automated mobile app security testing

Android App Security Testing

Codified Security uses automated mobile app security testing to help you secure your Android app against 100s of vulnerabilities including the OWASP Mobile Top 10, PCI-DSS & HIPAA.

Our reports show you the exact file and line of code where the security issue is located and give you remediation advice to secure your Android app.

Codified Security gives you a way to do fast and precise automated mobile app security testing with no local installation or specialised knowledge required.

Our platform uses built for mobile static & dynamic analysis to test the client side for Android app security vulnerabilities including:

  • SSL/TLS Implementation
  • Logging detection
  • WebView configuration & implementation
  • Manifest problems
  • Android intent implementation
  • Android broadcast receiver implementation
  • SQLite encryption & injection
  • App file storage permissions
  • Debug configuration
  • Debug code analysis

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Android App Security Testing

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security testing Android app

Test your Android app's client side

Android mobile app security testing

A report that shows your app's vulnerabilities with remediation advice

Android security testing

Custom security rules including PCI-DSS, HIPAA & OWASP Mobile Top 10

Android app security

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