Version 4.0:¬†It’s time to say goodbye to false positives.

Android app security testing

with Codified Security

Codified Security makes it simple to do Android app security testing.

When your Android app is uploaded Codified Security downloads the app, decompiles it, and tests the client layer of the app against a rules based engine that uses static analysis to find the security vulnerabilities and flaws of the app.

When the testing is complete a comprehensive report is produced showing the security vulnerabilities the Android app contains. The report tells you what each vulnerability is, why it is a risk, how to fix it, and the exact lines of code that need to be secured.

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Android app security testing

Codified Security help you understand the security problems in your Android app.

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Android support?

Codified Security has support for native Android and Xamarin.Android apps, checking for vulnerabilities in:

  • SSL configuration issues
  • SQLite database exploits
  • Compile time misconfiguration
  • WebView misconfiguration
  • Sensitive data being shipped in production
  • OWASP client side issues

Codified Security gives you control over Android app security testing at all stages of development.

Codified Security is hosted in the cloud with zero need for configuration or installation, and our API lets you integrate custom workflows.

We also integrate with leading CI providers.

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Why you need Codified Security

In a mobile first world there are more risks.

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