New dynamic app security testing now available.

App security for public sector and government

with Codified Security

Codified Security provides protection for public sector and government service who need their mobile apps to keep sensitive information private.

When your app is downloaded Codified Security downloads the app, decompiles it, and tests the client layer of the app against a rules based engine that uses static analysis to find the security vulnerabilities and flaws of the app.

When the testing is complete a comprehensive report is produced showing the security vulnerabilities the app contains. The report tells you what each vulnerability is, why it is a risk, how to fix it, and the exact lines of code that need to be secured.

How it works.

Protect your business and your data with security auditing.

Mobile development is a continuous process of building, testing, and rebuilding. 95% of developers, whether onshore or offshore, fail to take basic security precautions during builds.

Codified Security integrates with the development cycle.

We provide pre-launch audits of mobile codebases and backend infrastructure, after this we perform further tests for each product release.

Get secure now.

Why you need security testing.

In a mobile first world there are more risks.

Make your app secure

We eliminate vulnerabilities and help you mitigate risk.

Protect your investment

A mobile security audit safeguards your time, money, and effort.

A full stack audit

Codified reviews the mobile codebase and backend infrastructure.

Actionable intelligence

Codified helps you and your developers to secure your app.

Get secure now.

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