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Make automated mobile app security testing part of your DevSecOps environment


Codified Security gives you a way to bring fast and precise automated mobile app security testing into your DevOps setup, using our platform’s API or CLI binary to test your mobile app for security vulnerabilities.

Use Codified Security to find and fix mobile app security issues with no local installation or specialised cybersecurity knowledge.

Codified Security uses proprietary tooling to bring you all the benefits of manual code reviews and penetration tests without the need to commit so much time or money. Our custom static & dynamic app security tests examine code at rest and help you to find security flaws in early builds, before you get into other testing before release or in production.

We work with your existing setup, using our CLI binary, self contained and built in Go, Codified Security makes it simple for developers to add mobile app security testing to their Continuous Integration setup. The CLI binary works with any build server configuration including Team CityMicrosoft Visual Studio Team Services, Bitrise, BuddyBuild, & CircleCI.


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