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Dynamic App Security Testing

Codified Security will help you with Dynamic App Security Testing.

Dynamic App Security Testing

Dynamic analysis installs the app on a physical device to examine the runtime execution of the client side code. Our dynamic analysis works with static analysis to confirm and exploit vulnerabilities, expose sensitive data and build on our understanding of the app context.

Behavioural testing is a key part of dynamic analysis to check what data is sent and received by the app and any files created, changed or deleted during runtime. We look for possible damage or disruption to the app, abuse of business logic, and run the app on a number of network types to examine traffic activity.

Codified Security’s innovative technology runs through the app’s functionality to check data output against test cases that reflect a user’s flow through the app.

Codified Security’s dynamic analysis goes hand in hand with our industry leading static analysis tool, solving the problems of automated mobile app security testing:

No false positives

Most static app security testing produce high false positives rates, we use manual analysis to stop you chasing after false positives and we guarantee you a report within 1 business day of upload.

Keep your source code secure

We test the mobile app binary so there’s no need to share your source code.

Reports that show you each problem

Our reports on your mobile app’s security vulnerabilities give you remediation advice and show the exact file and line of code where the problem was found.

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Dynamic App Security Testing

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