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HIPAA App Security

Secure your app against HIPAA compliance with automated mobile app security testing

HIPAA App Security

Codified Security’s automated mobile app security testing platform tests mobile apps for HIPAA app security vulnerabilities.

Codified Security’s rules engine recognises the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This gives you a transparent way to understand the compliance of your mobile apps and data privacy risks.

Codified Security helps to fulfil testing obligations and secure mobile apps against the security framework of HIPAA and we offer certification for your mobile app’s compliance with HIPAA.

The rules that are applied to each mobile app are customisable according to the risk policies in use at your company. This makes it possible to change the risk level or ignore individual rules according to the particular requirements of a mobile app.

At Codified Security we view HIPAA app security as key to helping mobile developers at healthcare companies understand and improve app security, all users are able to choose to test their mobile apps for HIPAA app security.

HIPAA requires healthcare companies and holders of health data to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all electronic protected health information (PHI) and protect against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security of such information. In particular, we help address sections §164.308 to §164.31 of the Security Rule including:

  • Risk analysis and management: Assess risks and vulnerabilities in applications that handle PHI
  • Authentication: Verify that session identifiers are not vulnerable to authentication attacks
  • Data security: Ensure that mobile apps have implemented encryption properly for data-in-transit and data-at-rest
  • Malicious code: Protect mobile apps from malicious code and backdoors

No false positives

Other mobile app security testing products generate high false positives rates, we use manual analysis to stop you chasing after false positives and we guarantee you a report within 1 business day of upload.

Keep your source code secure

We test the mobile app binary so there’s no need to share your source code.

Reports that show you each problem

Our reports on your mobile app’s security vulnerabilities give you remediation advice and show the exact file and line of code where the problem was found.

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HIPAA app security

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