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February 3, 2017

Android apps will run on all new Chromebooks

In 2016, Google announced that apps will be functional on new Chromebook laptops through the Google Play Store, raising the question of Android app security testing issues being brought to Chromebooks. The decision has now been implemented and starting from now onwards, all Chromebooks will support Android apps.

This includes new Chromebook models such as the rugged Acer Chromebook 11 N7 and Samsung Chromebook Plus. Older models of Chromebook can also be updated to support Google Play Store apps. A complete list of Chromebooks compatible with Android apps can be found here.

Mac Operating System users have always been able to make use of their favorite iOS apps on their Mac Books as similar versions available on the Mac App Store. Google Chrome OS has had a different approach with more focus on connectivity for smartphones and productivity for notebooks. Where Chromebooks had several web apps available through the browser, some standard applications used for both work and home environments were lacking in compatibility. With complete app integration and Android app security in desktops, things will change for the better.

It has been a long process for Google. It started amalgamating the two operating systems in 2014 when some famous apps like Vine and Evernote were made available for Chrome Operating Systems.

Though Android app security testing has been greatly affected by malware issues, Chromebook users may not be affected at the same level. Still, Andrew Blaich, a security researcher at Lookout Security has cautioned that Chromebooks may face new security risks other than the typical  app security risks. Blaich has made some recommendations which include checking app developers and app source before downloading, reading app reviews to make sure that it delivers what it promises, limiting apps access to your data, and downloading security updates as soon as they are available.

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