“Gartner Listed - mobile application security guide”

Find and fix security issues before they cause you problems


Codified Security is a best in class automated testing platform that detects security vulnerabilities in mobile application code.

The Codified platform allows you to test your mobile app for security issues before you release it, helping you to find and fix vulnerabilities before they cause your organisation reputation and financial damage.

Client side testing using static and dynamic code analysis
Backed by machine learning
Low false positives
Choose your compliance levels and choose from custom security rules including PCI-DSS, HIPAA & OWASP Mobile Top 10
Hide or integrate third party modules and libraries in your test cycle
A .diff file for new builds of the app helps you to focus on new issues or regressions and lowers testing time to 4 hours

Dynamic Testing

The Codified platform uses dynamic analysis to instal test applications on a physical device allowing you to examine the runtime execution of your client side code. Our dynamic analysis works with static analysis to confirm and exploit vulnerabilities, expose sensitive data and build on our understanding of the applications context.


Behavioural testing is a key part of dynamic analysis to check what data is sent and received by the app and any files created, changed or deleted during runtime.


We look for possible damage or disruption to the app, abuse of business logic, and run the app on a number of network types to examine traffic activity.


Codified Securityu2019s innovative technology runs through the appu2019s functionality to check data output against test cases that reflect a useru2019s flow through the app.


Our dynamic analysis goes hand-in-hand with our industry leading static analysis tool, solving the problems of automated mobile app security testing.

Static Testing

The Codified platform helps clients execute fast and precise static app security testing. Use static app security testing to find and fix mobile app security issues with no local installation or specialised cybersecurity knowledge.

Codified Security uses proprietary tooling to bring you all the benefits of manual code reviews and penetration tests without the need to commit so much time or money. Our custom static app security tests examine code at rest and help you to find security flaws in early builds, before you get into other testing before release or in production.

Reports that show
security vulnerabilities at code level

Codified Security's reports show you the security issues in your mobile app's client side code. We tell you why it's a problem, how to fix it and show you the exact location of each issue.

Upload apps from any source

The codified platform supports multiple upload formats of your mobile app.

  • .ipa

  • .apk
  • from any source.

  1. Codified Security supports testing for native iOS including Swift, native Android, Xamarin.iOS & Xamarin.Android.
  2. Use our API to integrate mobile app security testing into any point of your development and testing process.

Your privacy and our security

Codified Security tests mobile app binaries without asking for source code. The platform, and data, is hosted on a secure Google Cloud Platform server. Get in touch for hosting in a specific data region or for our enterprise options.