“Gartner Listed - mobile application security guide”

About Codified Security

We know that the risks associated with IT security can have catastrophic consequences for businesses. Mobile applications can provide an easy entry-point for malicious agents looking to steal data and attack backend systems, leading to reputational, financial and operation damage. The Codified platform has been developed to help enable companies to release mobile applications safe in the knowledge that they're secure from such harm.

In a relatively young industry it's our mission to help mobile engineers and the organisations they work for better understand know-how around best practises and mobile application coding standards.

In a short period of time we've grown to service some of the world's leading companies and help them manage their mobile security risks. We look forward to sharing what we've learnt and helping you.

Codified Security is a proud to have been selected to
participate in the CyLon cyber security accelerator.