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December 5, 2016

Android is the new Windows

Claims for the level of Android app security and its OS when compared to iOS are being undermined by a recent spate of Android app security testing issues last month. It is not wrong to compare Android to Windows operating system in terms of security, which has always been considered more vulnerable as compared to Mac OS. The problem is to determine whether there is a problem with inherent security weaknesses in Windows or if it is due to its bigger market shares all over the world.

With the shift of technology usage from personal computers to mobile devices, people are more concerned about mobile security and the iOS-Android operating systems. Last month, iOS security proved once again that its walled-garden approach is safer than its rival’s Android app security.

Some issues last month raised concerns regarding overall Android app security. According to a claim by Kryptowire, a mobile security company, around three million inexpensive Android devices provide a firmware backdoor that sends personally identifiable information such as call logs, texts and location data to China, without informing the users.

Fortinet, another IT security company has exposed a banking Trojan in Android that tries to stop antivirus mobile applications and other service utility apps from launching, by posing as an email program.

As if this was not enough, the Android security patch released in November failed to fix the recently exposed Dirty Cow vulnerability. The list does not end here. It has been recently discovered that malware in Android app security can also be used to control and ultimately steal a Tesla car.

Though Apple also suffered security issues last month, there is not confusion that Android has become the most likely target of hackers for phishing, malware and other attacks, just like Windows in the past. We have yet to see who ultimately wins the battle in providing better security to mobile device users.

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