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March 29, 2016

Codified Security Instant 2.0

This week we completed work on Codified Security Instant 2.0, we’ve built on top our core automated, on demand, cloud hosted, mobile app security testing tool to create a platform for the continuous monitoring of risks to mobile apps.

Codified Security Instant 2.0 gives you a quick way to upload and run mobile app security testing.

Let’s take a closer look at the new features.

Mobile app security testing for any build

Codified Security Instant 2.0 will scan apps at any point in the development process.

In version 1.0 you could upload apps using a Google Play Store URL or uploading a .ipa or .apk file, in version 2.0 there are now integrations across the most popular beta distribution platforms, Google Play Developers, Hockey App, TestFlight, and Crashalytics.

Version 2.0 now tests iOS apps built with Swift, as well as iOS and Android app built in Xamarin, this is in addition to testing native iOS and native Android apps.

Codified Security Instant 2.0 brings you Continuous Monitoring

Whether you’re testing a single mobile app or you’re responsible for a portfolio of mobile apps we’ve added new capabilities for continuous mobile app security testing.

Whenever Codified Security Instant detects a new build or updated version it will test the mobile app, and whenever we add new vulnerabilities and problems to our rule engine we will check all the mobile apps. Our email notifications will alert you to any new vulnerabilities so that you will be able to fix these as soon as possible.

Bespoke integrations

All of our services are now available via the cloud hosted platform and the API. This allows you to adapt Codified Security Instant to the workflow and Continuous Integration tools of your choice. We know how important agile development is and we’ve made Codified Security Instant agile as well. The platform will synchronise whether you’re using it over the web or with your own workflow so there’s always a centralised, up to date, overview of your mobile app’s security.

Compliance & risk

Codified Security Instant’s rules engine now recognises the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)  and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This gives you a transparent way to understand the compliance of your mobile apps and data privacy risks.

The rules that are applied to each mobile app are customisable according to the risk policies in use at your company. This makes it possible to downgrade or switch off particular rules according to the individual requirements of a mobile app.


The simple, clean User Experience and User Interface design is made to stand out in its ease of use so that’s it simple enough for any involved in the mobile lifecycle to use. Whether you’re a developer, product manager, QA tester, product owner, or investor you’ll be surprised by how simple it is.

Want to secure your mobile apps with Codified Security Instant 2.0? Go to https://codifiedsecurity.com/ or get in touch at [email protected].

Codified Security is here to help make your mobile app secure whether it’s for iOS, Android, or to make sure you’re clearing the OWASP Mobile Top 10. For mobile app security testing in under a minute try out Codified Security.