“Gartner Listed - mobile application security guide”

September 12, 2016

Continuous security testing

The first point for robust mobile app security testing is to instill best practices throughout the development process. Keeping in view the rising number of security breach incidents via the mobile client side in 2016 and the increased pace of release cycle we decided to write up some of our tips for mobile app security best practice.

Train Yourself for Mobile App Security Testing

A proactive approach to training yourself for the security issues you might face as an app developer will allow you to make robust and secure apps. Think of all possible ways your software may get exploited. When your app goes public on the app store any problems will be in the binary file for anyone to exploit, it will be an easy target for hackers, unless you have worked hard on validation and authentication of its security.

Educate Yourself about Popular Security Frameworks

This will allow you to gain enough knowledge to monitor how your application is performing and detect any suspicious activity. Understand how vulnerabilities can be addressed and follow the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) framework for your mobile app(s).

Keep Track of all Known Vulnerabilities in Your Field

Subscribe to platforms such as Mitre, which enlist all Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), the Android Security update, and noting possible problems with new operating systems..

Stay vigilant against attackers

Do not assume that an attacker will be easy to catch. You need to scan and authenticate every single piece of information sent over to you.

Protect your App Data from Hackers

To ensure every possible way to stop your app from being hacked, provide security on REST API which will make the data securely move back and forth.

Get Pen Tested

Inferences drawn from mobile app security testing conducted by a penetration tester during and after app development will help in building a more secure app with fewer attack vectors. Remind your developers repeatedly about threats and vulnerabilities and keep them focused towards building quality throughout the process.

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