“Gartner Listed - mobile application security guide”

January 17, 2017

Everyone is responsible for mobile security

Mobile security is taking center stage as a concern for companies, consumers, and for the President-elect, Donald Trump, with mobile app security testing remaining a fringe concern. As security breaches increase, we need to be vigilant and concerned about how our data is secured on mobile devices. In 2016, global web traffic resulting from mobile devices alone was around 40 percent, which indicates an annual increase of 21 percent. In the year 2015 mobile data traffic was estimated to be 4,500 petabytes, which was a remarkable increase in comparison with the year 2011 where it was only 500 petabytes. This pattern indicates a heightened risk of security exposures as our dependency on mobile devices increases. This is why app developers and marketers need to instill mobile app security testing practices both for the sake of securing data and stopping breaches as well as keeping the trust of their customer’s and aiding innovation.

As cyber criminals create spear phishing websites to get consumer’s financial data, some banks in Singapore are now educating their customers about mobile fraud. As well as investing in their own mobile apps e.g. POSB digibank, which allows for money transfer via two-step authentication. Investing in mobile app security testing and developing customer-centric secure apps is giving companies a way to turn security threats into opportunities by drawing customer attention towards convenience of mobile bank along with providing a value-added experience.

The responsibility for security goes beyond app developers and engineers alone. If marketers and CMOs want their enterprise to grow in mobile commerce while keeping up their brand reputation, they have to own this security challenge and work alongside developers and engineers for a reliable and long lasting consumer experience. By making mobile app security testing and consumer education a part of their marketing strategy, brands can win consumer loyalty and gain long term customer retention.

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