“Gartner Listed - mobile application security guide”

November 10, 2016

Explosive growth of mobile

Research from Adobe shows that companies are increasing budget allocation to mobile app development, without considering mobile app security testing as a key part of their strategy. The increase in budget is coming from growth in the number of mobile users and app development. The research, covering HR, Sales and Marketing managers across US, UK, Germany, China, and India – showed the number of app and increased budget will continue until 2019. The reasoning for this is the number of enterprises focusing on their mobility strategy to reach a wide array of customers and cater to many operational, business, and customer needs.

Adobe’s research also looks at the demand for mobile apps from the employee’s perspective. Enterprises today realize that much of their employee’s workload is made easier with the help of apps. As a result, they now have the opportunity to produce mobile apps for their employees to keep up with increased productivity and competition in the market.

Following are some key finding from the research:

  • About 56% of respondents believe that investment in their enterprise mobile apps will increase by the next year while 66% believe it to increase for next three years. Companies can already see approximately 35% Return on Investment on their mobile app investments.
  • When asked about the risks faced by companies in the absence of mobile apps, 61% believed it to be inefficient operations, 51% termed it as looking outdated and 47% believed that they were unable to attract new sales or clients.
  • The three most important categories for gaining competitive edge in mobile app industry were believed to be customer service and support, messaging and collaboration systems, and customer relationship management.
  • The survey also predicted that the focus of mobile apps will shift to user experience, mobile app security testing and cloud-based apps in the next year.

It is notable that mobile app security testing is low on the list of priorities at the moment, with research from Ponemon and IBM stating that on average $34 million is spent on mobile app development in each organisation and just 6% of this goes to mobile app security testing.

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