“Gartner Listed - mobile application security guide”

November 11, 2016

Holiday season hacking

The holidays introduce a number of opportunities for hackers with  targets such as retail websites and mobile apps making customer data vulnerable. In 2016, experts in the IT industry have advised developers and ops teams to take steps to secure their websites and run mobile app security testing on new releases for the holiday season sales.

Companies focus on lowering the amount the friction for the user journey to purchasing, releasing new features and optimising the functionality of their web and mobile apps impacts release cycles and time for mobile app security testing. The preference for releasing apps with vulnerabilities to create higher revenue generation creates serious dangers for the kind of costs and damages that may come from an attack.

Michael Butt, Senior Product Marketing Manager at BigPanda, makes the point that businesses need to plan their course of action during the busiest periods like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Devs need to run web and mobile app security testing to validate the security and stability of their apps. When devs are rushed to release new updates without testing it creates fear among the customers who are wary of leaking out their personal information.

The rise in use of ecommerce mobile apps has led to a growth in the number of potential attack surfaces for hackers. Adding to this a lot of businesses use third party app developers that will only do mobile app security testing when clients require it. This is in part due to the problem that development agencies won’t be able to charge for time spent remediating their own insecure code, creating a blind spot in the security of any organisation that uses third party vendors.

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