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March 4, 2017

Mobile websites and apps leaking data

New research from Wandera shows that a number of mobile website and mobile apps are leaking personally identifiable information, this was shown after mobile app security testing.

The mobile app security testing research has shown that over 200 apps were exposing sensitive consumer data, with 60% of the leaks coming from news, sports, and shopping apps.

The App Association claims that apps across the world are now worth $140 billion per year, and data from App Annie suggests that over 10 million app are downloaded each hour.

30% of the leaks came from travel, entertainment, lifestyle and technology apps and mobile websites with adult apps and content proving to be most insecure. Of the top 50 adult apps 80% leak personal data.

The data ranged from usernames and passwords to credit card and social security numbers.

Several business apps went through mobile app security testing, with one virtual meeting room app and website leaking usernames and passwords that give security access to the building.

The leaks were due to common coding mistakes and failure to implement proper encryption. The rush to release often leaves no time for mobile app security testing.

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