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November 30, 2016

Paytm Drops PoS due to mobile security

Mobile app security testing is required at India Paytm after the online payment company removed it’s mobile Point of Sale feature a day after introducing it last Thursday.

Paytm has led the charge for online payments in India, however, in this case the failure to do rigorous mobile app security testing has led to the voicing of fears for data security. The Point of Sale feature was taken out of circulation due to concerns about possible threats to mobile app security features that are mandated by the Reserve Bank of India.

Payt. is going to address the security concerns and then relaunch the PoS feature after ensuring that there are no mobile app security issues.

The Point of Sale tool gave a way for a user’s phone into a point of sale device, thereby allowing them to accept payments via card. A lot of the Indian population have cards but do not have smartphones.

In a blog post on Thursday, Paytm said, “Post our launch, we have had several discussions with stakeholders on how we can make this process even more secure. Based on some suggestions from the industry, we have decided to add additional certifications, features, and do more mobile app security testing before making it available to merchants. We will re-launch this product as soon as we have updated the product.”

When introducing the feature, Paytm announced that vendors would have a way to take payments using their card details on the Paytm application on the merchant’s phone.

When the Point of Sale tool was suspended, people started to show their concerns regarding mobile app security testing and how it stored and transmitted card data. Paytm, however, clarified that the feature was developed in compliance with Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and adhered to the rules regarding transmission of payment data. Paytm confirmed that transactions would take place on bank’s website.

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