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January 27, 2017

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is out on iOS, with a number of pirate versions for Android with severe Android app security issues shown after Android app security testing. Nintendo is yet to announce a date for its release on the UK Google Play Store, but registration is already available to notify users of its release. When you have registered, Google will alert you as soon as the app is available on Play Store. Users will then be able to download the game to their Android devices from Google Play.

It is expected that just like iOS, Super Mario Run will be free for download on Android as well. However, playing past the third level will require the user to pay £7.99, available through an in-app purchase.

Gamers waiting impatiently for certain games to be released on official stores or those who do not want to pay for apps usually find other means of downloading games outside the Play Store. These are the APK versions of the games which do not pass through Android app security testing and can be installed on any Android device if a user has allowed the device to install third party apps by enabling installation in the security settings. This is how many users were able to play Pokemon Go before it was made available on the Play Store.

Though this method provides free and easy access to games, it comes with security risks. Any game that is running without proper Android app security testing should not be trusted for download. This is why you should wait for the official release of the app and never download APK file for Super Mario Run. Reports regarding the emergence of a Super Mario Run APK file with infected Marcher malware have already been making rounds. Once installed, the malware quietly hides in your phone and waits for you to load a banking app, mobile wallet, or any app that requires a user ID and password. Once you do that, it steals all your personal information. The virus can also steal your payment information from Google Play.

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