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March 27, 2017

Users failing to take security measures against insecure apps

Research from F5 Networks shows that users are failing to take measures to protect their data from hackers when using mobile apps that are known to hold security flaws after going through mobile app security testing and pen testing research. Users are fearful of malware or being targeted for their data is being ignored, however, are ignoring potential security measures.

In spite of all the fears, the same users still download multiple apps without scrutinisng them for potential security holes. Before they download an app, about a quarter of the users do not even check the application’s security measures.

Approximately three out of five users have the fear that hackers frequently target the Facebook app. About 23 percent of the respondents are reluctant to buy voice activation systems like Alexa, whereas 39 percent fear that purchasing smart locks is not a good idea as they would end up being hacked. About 83 percent (fourth fifth) of the UK consumers worry about their financial data being hacked while 23 percent fear the same for their medical information.

A surprising statistic showed that only seven percent of the users believe Snapchat to be a safe app for users, even though Snapchat was the most popular application of 2016. About 23 percent (a quarter) believed that their work related password does not need to be necessarily changed regularly.

Security Director at EMEA at F5 Networks, Gad Elkin said, “The growing concerns demonstrate that consumers are no longer in the dark about cyber security risks, but there is still more education needed — it’s not uncommon for a hacker to use work and business details to gain access to financial data or for hospitals to be targeted with a ransomware attack over confiscated medical information.”

Elkin further went on to say that professional and personal lives are not closely related and call for more robust policies and procedures in the cyber security.

Mobile app security testing research has shown that 75% of all mobile apps contain a critical vulnerability so this research gives us something to think about as more banking transactions in the United Kingdom move to mobile, it remains to be seen whether users will start to take responsible measures to secure their personal data and devices.

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